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File I/O error

I’ve been editing away with Final Cut Express all day, slicing and dicing audio files and stringing them together again to make podcasts. And then comes the best bit - exporting the finished product - and what happens? I get this "File I/O error" message. Computer says no. This forum post helped me suss out I needed to clear some disk space so I embarked on a deleting mission. Deleting files always makes me nervous because it’s usually once you’ve deleted it that you suddenly desperately need it. So, anything you think you might need, save it on a flash drive. Better to be safe than sorry!

I’ve been dipping into tutorials like these of late. After tinkering with Audacity I’ve decided I’ll use Final Cut Express to edit my podcasts. This is for a few reasons - 1) I’m not in love with Audacity. 2) I have (very) basic knowledge of Final Cut already and use it on an ad hoc basis at work and if I am ever to become proficient in it, I’ll need to get on and use it regularly. 3) You can edit audio and video with Final Cut so if/when I need to edit videos I’ll be equipped with the right software to do it.