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After thoughts and learnings…

I did an AudioBoo with Carrie Walton when we arrived at Cybher but admit that nerves got the better of me and I didn’t do any more throughout the day. I so should have! Time was limited but I could have snuck a few in and that’s totally down to confidence in interviewing for live audio. I need to shake off the print mentality that no one need ever know if I ask a stupid question. You’re kind of exposed on live audio!

In terms of learning though, I’ve picked up some useful tips for recording audio thanks to the session by the girls (and very clever audio bloggers) from The High Tea Cast. They advised that using Skype to record interviews works really well but that Call Recorder (what I chose to use) isn’t very good. My audio has come out a tad tinny so is there a better option?

Yes, say the HTC girls. Recordng Skype interviews via Quicktime works a treat they say, so I need to try it. Having said that though, I wasn’t terribly disappointed with the audio quality (low standards perhaps!?) but having just read this post and checked my own Call Recorder settings, I’ve discovered my audio quality was set to medium not high. Doh!

Sharing the Twitter love post Cybher!

Sharing the Twitter love post Cybher!

My content will sit on a Wordpress site but my audio will need to live somewhere else as Wordpress cannot host. So, AudioBoo is an option (and may well sneak in) but my podcasts will sit on SoundCloud. From here I’m able to add an image, description, tags and links and customise the audio player (pink bits to match the girly pinkness of my site) before adding to my website. I’ve also been able to make the audio private and only accessible to me and my interviewees so they can have a listen before I go live with it. Handy!

I just learned something new

This isn’t advertised apparently but if you add .mp3 to the end of an AudioBoo URL it’ll take you straight to the MP3 file - which means I can easily add it to Tumblr posts (see previous post). Nice one.